About our Company

Creative people. Coffee addicted. Forward thinking.

Our Experience

Experienced from multiple disciplines including Engineering, Autonomous, AI, Robotics, Motorsports, Event Management, Multi-Lingual, Direct-Response Marketing, and Professional Project Management. One of us even tutored calculus in college (can you guess who?).

Our Philosophy

We’re not typical. We understand the pains a Hiring Manager deals with so we strive to eliminate them. We’re honest, are obsessed with customer service, move quickly, communicate quickly, make quick offers, are always available for Hiring Managers, under-promise, and over-deliver.


Our Team

Award winning Autonomous Recruiters with a passion for Automotive.

  • Mike
  • Lindsey
  • Andries
  • Soo
  • Mike


    Mike is the “drive” behind the team. Relentless in the pursuit of results and willing to go against the industry “norm” to achieve them. Mike has developed a unique combination of a trust-based relationship methodology coupled with results-driven direct response marketing. He’s the reason behind defying the conventional low-touch, slow responding industry norms and he’s the one who supplies the drive behind our agile model that produces the best results. Mike is also the one who provides mentoring and coaching for a select group of candidates and yes, he’s the one who tutored calculus in college…

  • Lindsey


    Lindsey is an accomplished, multi-lingual Recruiting Professional, specializing in developing new business in Autonomous and in Motorsports. Lindsey has staffing experience for notable firms and also events such as Le Mans 24, FIA WEC, IMSA, Le Mans Classic, and more. She understands the industry “from the inside” and has experience within the FIA WEC, Le Mans, Formula One Management Limited, Greaves Motorsports, Grand Design Systems (paddock installation), BMW racing, Every Man Racing, Michelin, Oreco Supplies, Land Rover events i.e. the Gazelle Rally and Landrauvergne, many Rally drivers & co-pilots as well as their sponsor garages and suppliers.

  • Andries


    Andries Moedt is a leading global Professional Recruiter. Based out of the Netherlands, Andries is a close partner and handles the European operations within the Automotive, Motorsport, Telecom, Aerospace & Defense sectors. Andries handles Autonomous Recruiting with the works with teams and companies in F1, GP2, GP3, American/European/Asian Le Mans series, IA-WEC, NASCAR-Series, V8 Supercars, IMSA, WTCC, Indycar-Series, FIA F3-Championschip, MotoGP, World Superbike, Dakar, FIA-WRC, DTM, GT3-Series, Blancpain-Series, Porsche-Supercup, WSR, Drag Racing, Formula-E and more.

  • Soo


    Soo Jung is our Senior Researcher, who helps with determining the relevant parameters that are critical to each position. She is amazingly detailed, proficient in project supervision, and is flawless when it comes to project delivery. Soo thrives in sifting through our market intelligence to fine-tune data most relevant to our needs. She is also a proven leader who is adept at directing our Operations to achieve our aggressive Customer Service goals.

What our clients say

We are proud to have happy clients.

  • Mark


    “These guys are the real deal. Results driven, to say the least. They increase business in creative ways that enable you to take advantage of opportunities that were not even though of, none the less for real previously”

  • Nagle


    “I am certain I am not pitching my dollars away into the digital void. I can see the results and the new partnerships we developed have increased four fold”

  • Kevin


    “These are not just “engagement” methods – they produce revenue in ways that simply weren’t available to us previously. Thanks guys – keep going!”

  • Mark
  • Nagle
  • Kevin

We have first class services.

How to Contact Us

For fastest response, send an email and someone will get back to you within 24 hours during the standard business week. Response may be slower during on-site event and conference weeks (including holiday or SuperConference).

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  • Autonomous Talent
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